A word from
our Founder
Angelina Nguyen

Meet the Visionary Behind Our Success
Angelina Nguyen, the visionary founder of Team Signings, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the notary services industry. With a deep commitment to serving clients, Angelina established Team Signings to revolutionize the notary experience. Her unwavering dedication to quality, efficiency, and professionalism has earned the trust of clients nationwide. Under her leadership, Team Signings has become a beacon of excellence in the field, providing expert notary services that prioritize the needs of every client. Angelina Nguyen's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to exceptional service have shaped Team Signings into a name synonymous with reliability and excellence in the notary industry.

A word from our Founder Angelina Nguyen

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Client Success Stories: How Our Solutions Helped Them Achieve Remarkable Results

Stacie Valencia - Final Escrow Inc.

If you’re looking for literally the best notary and signing service – Team Signings needs to be your go-to.  I’ve been in escrow for over 20 years and I’ve never had a signing service actually properly guide their notaries to ensure there’s no errors.  Angel and her team are the best in the industry!

Luis Martinez

"Team Signings is a wonderful Notary Business to work with. You would love working with them to help you with your next signing. They are knowledgeable and very professional. They will go above and beyond and exceed your expectations. Their customer service is amazing always friendly and positive. You can rest assure that your clients will have an amazing professional signing experience"

Yulissa Becerra

"Team Signings is an amazing notary business. Professional, knowledgeable and will always exceed your expectations. You want to make sure you use Team Signings for your next notarial need!"

Lan Thai

Angel is great and friendly! She was quick and explained documents very clearly! Thank you Angel